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Q: What is RPG Prompts?

A: RPG Prompts is an platform dedicated to providing storytelling prompts and creative inspiration for roleplaying games, including Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and more. Our prompts cater to various genres and themes, offering boundless possibilities for Game Masters and players alike.

Q: How do I use RPG Prompts?

A: Browse our collection or utilize our search tool to find prompts that align with your desired settings, genres, or narratives. Use these prompts in your favorite AI chatbot such as ChatGPT.

Q: Is RPG Prompts suitable for all RPG systems?

A: Yes, RPG Prompts is designed to be compatible with a wide variety of RPG systems, such as Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, and more. The prompts can be easily adapted to fit your chosen system, setting, characters, and campaign interests.

Q: Do I need to own the RPG in order to use the Text-based AI Prompt?

A: RPG Prompts endorses that you own all roleplaying books of all the systems you're playing. While we're not clear what's required legally, we believe that's the right thing to do!

Q: Are the prompts genre-specific?

A: Our AI-generated prompts cater to various genres, including fantasy, science fiction, horror, and more. Explore our diverse collection for cross-genre inspiration to elevate your RPG experiences.


Q: Can I submit my own prompts to RPG Prompts?

A: We welcome prompt submissions from our users! Please join Our Discord and share your RPG prompt ideas, including NPCs, epic encounters, and story hooks. After review, we may incorporate your suggestions into our database, enriching our collection for our roleplaying community.

Q: Can I use RPG Prompts for commercial purposes?

A: All the prompts crafted by RPG Prompts are intended for personal use in your roleplaying campaigns. For any commercial use, licensing inquiries, or copyright information, please visit our Discord or contact us directly to discuss terms and conditions.

Q: Is there a cost to use RPG Prompts?

A: RPG Prompts is completely free right now.


Q: How do I report an issue or provide feedback on RPG Prompts?

A: Please reach out to us on Our Discord.

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